Clinical Supervision (MFT & LPC)

Clinical supervision is available to graduate students, post-graduate licensed associate therapists and licensed professionals seeking supervisor mentorship. The cost for supervision is $125 per supervision hour or $100 (per member) for 1.5 hours of group supervision.

Training Site for Students

My Therapist, Inc. is an internship placement site and training program for students who are in a Masters program and for post-graduate clinicians earning hours towards MFT licensure.

Our training program consists of weekly supervision and client contact hours The site supervisor is Carole C. Cullen, LMFT (AAMFT Approved Supervisor).

How to Apply for an Internship Position:

Students must submit a cover letter, resume, and three references in order to be considered for internship placement. Information should be emailed to

Contact Instructions

Please include in your application email your programs specific requirements of handbook. Every program is different and it is important that your programs requirements are discussed at the beginning of internship so you may accomplish your goals. We love helping and connecting with future professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Carole Cullen, LMFT

Carole Cullen, LMFT

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Carole Cullen, LMFT and AAMFT supervisor, was presented the Marriage and Family Therapy Training Award. This award is designed for a NCAMFT member who has made outstanding contributions to education and training of marriage and family therapists in an academic or non-academic setting. To learn more about Carole Cullen please visit Who We Are.