imageWe offer Couple Intensive Therapy (CIT) to couples that desire more than just an hour a week of couples therapy or have faced a crisis in their relationship. Sometimes a relationship becomes stuck or faces a crisis, such as the revealing of an affair, and we understand that this requires in-depth counseling. CIT can be used as a supplement to traditional couples therapy or as a standalone alternative. Research has shown that couples in distress respond best to this longer method of treatment better than the traditional weekly style of therapy.

Many of the couples that participate in intensives have already made exhaustive effort at weekly counseling sessions and some have reached the point of giving up. CIT’s consistently produce lasting solutions to serious relationship struggles by exposing and addressing the real root of the problem. Emotional connections are reestablished and couples rediscover safety in their relationship with each other, leading to true intimacy and genuine healing. Our CIT’s are personalized to meet your needs and will give you scientifically proven tools to help you reach your goals in therapy.

Couples who have experienced this modality and have been in typical counseling sessions said they would never have made the breakthroughs they did without being able to work through their issue in one extended sitting. They felt that by not being rushed, the needed safety to share was built as they went on in the session.

CIT is an intensive and focused therapeutic modality for couples in high distress or simply in need of a Relationship Expert. What you can expect from an Intensive session is the expertise of a Certified Gottman Therapist to guide you to foster respect, affection, and closeness, to build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world, to keep conflict discussions calm, to facilitate breakthroughs, to resolve conflict grid-lock and to strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship.

We start out by identifying the goals and intentions of the therapy process right from the start. We help couples come to a compromise on their “gridlocked” issues: many times couples do not always have the same aspirations, hopes or goals, yet they need to come to some sort of resolution. We do our best to honor both individuals’ hopes and dreams. Our goal is to facilitate clients in accessing new strengths, learning new skills, and gaining new insights, which moves them in the direction that they want their relationship to go.Couple-Happy-893x1024

Prior to coming in, you will complete the online couples assessment, the Gottman Relationship Check-Up. Each partner will have a 30 minutes telephone consultation prior to the CIT. In this Pre-Intensive interview you will be asked several questions about the current state of your relationship, as well as what it is your hope to achieve during therapy. These goals will become our objective, and we will review your assessment prior to meeting with you.

Fees and Scheduling

I am available for CIT sessions almost any day of the week, depending on scheduling availability. This is a sample schedule of a one day CIT:

9:00AM Welcome and initial couples session
10:00AM Individual Session with Partner #1
11:00AM Individual Session with Partner #2
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PM Assessment feedback, addressing core issues, tools and techniques
4:30PM Follow-up plan, including homework and take home packet

You can choose from scheduling 1, 2, or 3 Day CIT’s.

One day – $1,200
Two days – $2,400
Three Days – $3,600

  • Includes all of the assessments and interventions mentioned above
  • 2 individual Skype or phone sessions before arriving
  • Feedback and goal setting session
  • 6 hours of intensive therapy/coaching per day
  • A take home package of tools and supplementary support material.
  • Highly skilled therapist with over 17 years of experience working with couples and families.

If you are from out of the area, please feel free to contact me and I am happy to assist you with arranging travel plans.


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